If you want to buy a notebook DELL with Windows XP, you should pay for the downgrade 150 US Dollars…

Posted in Microsoft by wikithink on December 15, 2008

Today, I was helping a friend to find a notebook to buy. Once, we have found the one that she needs, we asked them (using the support chat) if they had the drivers for Windows XP. They said that there are only two models which can be downgraded to Windows XP, and we also had to pay about 150 US dollars.

A few minutes ago, I have found an article in where they come up with this. DELL announced it will offer systems with Windows XP for a surcharge of $150 over the newer Windows Vista. They have also clarified that it is not a Windows XP downgrade fee, but It’s a total cost that the buyers must pay to upgrade from Windows Vista Basic to Windows Vista Ultimate and then downgrade for Windows XP. Microsoft decides that customers who wants to downgrade to XP must buy a Windows Vista license.

As a customer I don’t want to be forced to buy something that I don’t want, or more else, something that it doesn’t work as expect. I think Microsoft should be more focused on solve Windows Vista related issues and let the customer decide which OS they want on their computers.


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