What is it gonna happen with e-Books?

Posted in What is comming by wikithink on June 12, 2009

Are they the next book generation? Will the paper books be gone? or Will e-books be just another option?

We have to admit that they are a great invention, rather you like them or not. e-books are cheaper, and it is more simpler to get one, just a click distance.

Internet brings us a lot of alternatives.

  • Amazon with the Kindle, e-Reader that allows you to read like real paper. Supporting 3G wireless that lets you download books right from your Kindle, anytime, anywhere. You can read books plus U.S. and international newspapers, magazines, and some blogs. And a good one…Kindle can read all of them out loud to you! Books are cheaper than the paper version, almost all of them at 9.99US.
  • Sony reader is a big competitor for Kindle. Before google appeared, they both have almost the same features. The only difference would be that when you think in books, you think in Amazon. They have a huge store, and you would think that all books would be in kindle its version. Actually, this is not all true, not all of them are available in kindle, but you can make your suggestions.
  • Google books has announced a few weeks ago, that they will allow publishers to sell their book using Google books. But the diference between this approach from Amazon is that Google will comercialize them more expensive than 9.99US (not all publishers agree with this approach from Amazon) but cheaper than the paper version.

The actual reading generation would prefer paper version of books, although the Amazon customers for Kindle are more than 50 years old guys. But the new generation has a clear tendency to internet and all its derivatives.  Just as an example, Arnold Schwarzenegger plans to abolish traditional textbooks from high school classrooms in order to reduce education’s costs.

As my point of view, e-book would be the next book generation for three aspects:

  1. Cheaper
  2. More accesible.
  3. Simple adoption for newest generations.

Let see…


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