How netbooks are changing the game

Posted in What is comming by wikithink on June 24, 2009

By the end of 2008, Asus had sold 5m Netbooks Eees. In total, 21m netbooks will ship this year, almost twice the number in 2008 and more than 15% of the entire market for laptops, according to the economist.

Many of them are really sophisticated devices with 1GB of RAM memory, and a flash memory with a great size. They can also run Linux or Windows XP home edition.

The theory about cloud computing comes up with that computers will not need to have a great processing performance, they will only need a high speed connection to Internet. As you can see right now, there are different services that are creating the cloud. Some examples are Google Docs (allows you to create documents in collaboration with others), or Skype (allow you to communicate with anyone, from everywhere), Paypal (allows you transfer mony from you account to your provider), and so on.

If this idea preserves along the time, netbooks will get more importance. For the time being, they have won a market between smartphones, and notebooks but we have to wait what is gonna happens with the cloud.


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