Is Google going out for a fight?…I mean…of beta?

Posted in What is comming by wikithink on July 9, 2009

Google has started the fight against Microsoft going out of beta. The Google strategy about going out of beta is related to Google apps, the solution focused in enterprises. They said in its blog that beta means for some people that the product is not ready for masive use, so that statement doesn’t fit for an enterprise solution. That’s why they have decided to go out of beta versions in various of their products like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs and Google Talk. In this aspect, Google is improving the idea of Cloud of Internet as we have talked in another post, using it for business goals either.

Google has also introduced Google Chrome OS as the economist described. It will be available for consumers in the second half of 2010, and at fist for netbooks.

This news should started a fire in Microsoft ranch, Google apps is going to compite with Microsoft for enterprise solutions providing different kind of services to customers. And the launch of Google OS focused  on netbook which are getting popular should complicate more the situation.

Let see if Bing, the Microsoft search engine introduces a big difference in Internet search world dominated by Google nowadays.

As the econmist has asked, Will there be a clear winner? Probably not in the foreseeable future…what do you think?


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