Microsoft is going Yahoo!

Posted in Web2.0,What is comming by wikithink on August 5, 2009

Microsoft and Yahoo! deal is finally done.  Yahoo will manage ad sales while Microsoft will gets data about who’s doing what online.

This seems to be another strike between Microsoft and Google. This fight has started sometime ago, but they have been working so hard this year into it.

But the question is why were they so active this year about this competition?… And the answer to me, seems to have something related to the cloud computing. Both are aware what is coming, Web2.0 has emphasized the cloud computing concept and the biggest companies are going cloud.

A new paradigm is in front of us, anyone can deny it. The most open and adaptable company will gain a lot of opportunities in this new environment not only affected by the economic crisis.

Anyway, this time is gonna be so funny in multiples aspects!


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