What’s about Cloud Computing?

Posted in Web2.0,What is comming by wikithink on August 5, 2009

What is it? It’s simple. Most of the services we usually use have been moving from a box controlled by us to a box controlled by someone we don’t know.

Let’s think about your worksheet, or word processor, or email client. All of them needed to be installed by you in your computer only used by….you. Let’s go through time. Nowadays, all of these services and more are stored? installed? in the cloud. If I want to be more specific, let’s see Google Docs, or Gmail.

The cloud is a place, somewhere in the whole World where your emails, your docs, your calendar appointments , your videos, your photos are stored. That’s why they can be also access from everywhere, one of the biggest advantages.

So if I think about all of my stuff controlled by me, and now after sometime, controlled by other…the biggest question is about security and privacy. And…for me that’s the biggest answer that all companies working on this concept should get before everyone can go through it.

That’s why I will define cloud computing as a new paradigm in front of us. This will determine new ways for everything we know, or almost everything.


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