It’s a matter of trust!

Posted in Management by wikithink on August 5, 2009

Recently, I have read and listened different sources talking about these hard times and how the actual management model must be modified to be adaptable and open.

This article from Mckinsey Quarterly resumed the key assets about this subject. Going through all of these, two ideas have surprised me at all.

The first one is related to communication and how is getting more important in these hard times. All sources emphasizes that information should be at first hand to everyone, in summary you have to communicate, communicate and communicate. And when they said everyone, they means managers, board members, shareholders and also employees.

The first thing that comes up to my mind is, why do we have to realize that we must to be transparent doing business? Because be transparent is a consequence of an open communication. This would already be a key asset for every manager, and every company.

The second one is about culture and the values added by it. The same question is asked here, why do we need to get into this crisis to realize how important is the culture in our company? The “growth at any cost” culture is done, giving wide space to “We wanted entrepreneurialism, but we also wanted the highest standards of integrity”.

And I think these ones are surprising me because I really believe that we are going to intangibles. The new generation, called Y, estimates intangibles (be part of the company, know how my work is making a difference, get free, work from home, etc) than the old tangibles (good wages, health care, etc). That’s why those are getting more important for every company.

Let’s see how the fight between intangibles and tangibles values will finish and who will be the winner. But…as a song says…. nowadays….It’s a matter of trust!


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