Breaking Down the Walls and Getting more Flexible through Technology

Posted in Business by wikithink on November 2, 2009

I got the oportunity to analize three interesting business cases. They had something in common, and as this subjetc’s post described is about getting flexible through technology.

Let’s think in a textil business, that has worked for 5 months to get a new collection, and when it is running-let’s say spring has started- they realize that it is not working as expected.

Let’s think in a cement business, where the product must to arrive at the right time to the client in order to be used as expected. Let’s add to this scenario, that you have to run this business in a city like Mexico where traffic, climate issues make that more difficult.

Let’s think in a “I need a car” business, where the choices for anyone needing an automobile were to buy one, lease one, or rent one, by the day or by the week. In each of them, the car was likely to sit unused in a lot or a garage for long stretches of time. These models all provided great convenience—but at the price of great inefficiency.

What do they have in common?

These industries are not flexible naturally. They are not able to change as demand change, they have to determine a plan, a logistic that can not be change at all in order to provide the client what they need.

But what’s about to add tecnology on them? What would happen?

For textil business, the name is Zara.

For cement business in Mexico, the name is Cemex.

For rent a car business, the name is Zipcar.

They could add technology to their business and make it more flexible. They could break down the industry’s walls.

Although the success of these business cases, the key factor here is flexibility. We are not walking anymore, we are officially running  businesses. We are in a disruptive evloution model, where changes are taken seconds one after another, so be flexible in your business is essential to success.

Do you wanna know how Zara, Cemex and Zipcar did it?


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  1. Martin said,

    Very good post serie Laura !

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