Two Great Web2.0 Examples

Posted in Web2.0 by wikithink on March 1, 2010

We have talked about Web2.0 and how companies and the crowd itself are using it in different ways.

Reading my favourites blogs, I have found two stories about how Web2.0 is living between us.

The first one it’s called a virtual world collaboration. The CrisisCommons is a network which includes professionals united for bringing service to people around the World that needs them. They are basically technology volunteers to respond to specific needs. They prepare for future critical needs by developing new tools. Two projects that were created by this crowd of techies around the World are: a GPS maps of Haiti which shows destroyed buildings and refugee camps and the other is an Haitian Creole to English translator for Iphone in order to facilitate communication between volunteers and Haiti citizens.

The other interesting example is the Intel’s Social Media Training. Intel has created an extraordinary social media strategy. If you are trying to apply a social media framework in your company, you should go into what they have done first. They have created a comprehensive set of social media policies simply called the Intel Social Media Guidelines. But as Bryan Rhoads, Senior Digital Strategist at Intel said, having a social media framework at your company does not mean that your employees are going to use it. That’s why they created a training program for social media at Intel. It’s mainly focused on sales and marketing people, but it’s open to anyone who want to take the program in order to use these tools in their daily duties. The program is called The Digital IQ and the courses cover such areas as:

  • Tweet Like You Mean It: The Right Way To Tweet Your Brand.
  • The Importance of Brand Identity in Social Media.
  • WOM (Word Of Mouth) The Anatomy of Buzz.
  • Social Media Measurement.
  • Viral Marketing.
  • Mobile Marketing: Wide Reach of a Small Screen.
  • China’s Social Media Landscape.

After these great examples, we can conclude that Web2.0 can be applied to different purposes, from business to helping other initiatives.


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