The Marketing New Mind-set

Posted in Marketing,What is comming by wikithink on May 3, 2010

We have said over and over again that these times are a shifting ones. All models, paradigms and basically the way that we did something is changing. What is the cause? We cannot said just one…Globalization, Financial Crisis, Internet, Climate Change…there are many.

 These disruptive times are driven two ideas mainly:

Everyone has more information…

Everyone can do anything from everywhere, so we are converging to commodities unless we find a way to differentiate ourselves…

And Marketing models are also changing. Reading an article from HBR magazine, called Rethinking Marketing, I got some ideas about how it is happening.

So our customers know what the company is doing (right and wrong), and we have competitors all around the World.

The article said that we have to build strong relationships with our customers and cultivate them.

In order to build these relationships we have to change the actual model from a product driven (where the product is the center of attention, and we try to push it to the market) to a customer driven (where the customer and its expectations are the center, and the product is coming to us).

In order to obtain more information from our customers we need to improve the communication channels that we use for that purpose. In the past, this communication was a one-way, but right now with birth of Web2.0 we have to be prepared for a two-way communication.

This idea will apply for Business to Business and Business to Customer models. The first ones are more advanced about it because the nature of its relationship with customers is more complex.

The article gave some examples about companies applying this, I encourage you that take a look at it.

Another related idea that I got from the book, The purple Cow is about differentiation. As we have said, we are converging to commodities. So we have to make our business a purple cow, but what does it mean?

As the book said, if you are riding a car, and see a lot of brown cow, the first one might take your attention, but after a while everyone will be the same…The key factor here is make a purple cow, something different, something that anyone has never made up, but everyone will remenber. 

So that’s another thing to think about our business…


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